Innovative Eyecare

IACTA is an ophthalmic focused pharmaceutical company led by former top executives from one of the leading eye care companies in the world, Allergan. The company currently has four products in development for major market opportunities. Two of the products are ready to enter Phase 2 clinical studies with data outcomes expected in 2020.

A core problem of the eye care area is not only the ability to develop “active pharmaceutical ingredients” (APIs), but an inability to deliver these APIs to necessary ocular tissues in effective doses. Until now, drug delivery technologies that have advanced in other fields of pharmaceutical medicine have failed to fully penetrate to impact ophthalmology pharmaceutical products.

New technologies including nano-encapsulation are finally changing this situation providing a breakthrough in the ability to deliver drugs to the eye. This breakthrough is happening just as most major pharmaceutical eye-care companies have made strategic decisions to rid themselves of the income statement costs of R&D development and replace it with investment/balance sheet costs for accessing later stage new products.

IACTA, through expertise, technology access, and partnering relationships is taking on this R&D role for developing a portfolio of later-stage contractual out-licensing opportunities.

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Nanotechnology and our expertise in the arena of applicable, novel drug delivery are game changers for ocular drugs and ophthalmic therapy. It is a very exciting era for ophthalmology.

Orest Olejnik

Chief Scientific Officer